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Why You Shouldn’t Date Strippers

Why You Shouldn’t Date Strippers

Strippers are just people like us. The only thing that separates them from us is their jobs. They are great entertainers but not the type of person to date. Stripping is a profession that has earned most women millions but never will I advocate you date a stripper. There is a strip club handbook rule that all guys visiting a strip club must obey. No matter how cool she stares and smiles at you never fall in love with a stripper. These are women who are great at entertaining men but not at keeping a good relationship. There are several negative aspects of dating a stripper. Strippers will give you almost anything any woman can give you as long as you soil her undergarments with your hard earned money.

70610-large-245409If planning to date a stripper, think again. What do you want from a stripper? Most men are always looking for a few fun moments where they can enjoy the presence of the skin from a gorgeous woman by paying a few dollars. You might think you are the right guy to change her from her job, but that is not the case. Trust me nobody can handle strippers in a relationship. It is difficult to change her or take her from a strip club where she makes several bucks a night. When in a strip club, always keep your eyes on the asset. Have fun moments with her and going back home to your beloved wife or girlfriend.

Strippers are fun and good at what they are doing. Why take a cow from the steak house where it rightfully fits. Strippers belong to a stripper club and not to a home. If you think I am wrong, tell your mom that you are in love with a stripper and see her response. No parents will want her son marrying a stripper even if they are madly in love. Nobody wants other guys touching their girls’ boobs. Well if you date a stripper then be sure several men will be touching your girl’s boobs every night. Men are always jealousy, and if you find another man touching your woman sexually, you will be offended.

pickin-up-strippersStrippers are among the most irresponsible people I have ever seen. How much do you make in a month? Well, some strippers makeup to $1000+ a single night but end up living a broke life. They always seem to want more money even if they make thousands of dollars a night. Where do they take all the money they make? Do they take drugs? You have to ask yourself this question as drug and alcohol are some of the things that take a lot of money.

Strippers make more than what most corporate attorneys make in a single day. If you date a stripper what else can you buy her that she cannot afford? These are people earning 2-5k a week and expect you to be the man of the home paying all the bills. Strippers are used to listening and engaging in hundreds of conversations with different men who are their clients. Imagine how they will be viewing you conversing with her. Get real and date a real woman.

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