Be sexually safe with us!
Sexual safety for escorts

Sexual safety for escorts

Escorts never advertise to offer sex among their services but let’s face it; almost 99% are willing to have sex with you as long as you pay them. Sex safety for escorts is a crucial subject both for the clients and the escorts. Working as an escort is not an easy job, and one must take several precautions to remain safe from the many STDs. Is it okay to have unprotected sex with escorts? The answer is a definite no. Any sexual activity with an escort must be protected if you want to keep yourself safe. There are escorts who have worked for years and remain safe from all diseases.

sexlife-heroI am going to be straight with you for the sexual safety of escorts. If you want to remain safe, then avoid sex at all costs. However, this is not possible as sex is one of the major activities that take place when escorts offer services to their clients. There are various precautions escorts must take to ensure their safety.

The first precaution escorts must take to inspect their client’s genitals for warts, bumps, and any rushes before engaging in sex with them. Take the initiative when it comes to having sex and inspect your client well. If you notice some rashes, warts or bumps, then you know you must avoid having sex with such clients.

If engaging in oral sex, make sure you inspect the client’s mouth for any blisters. If they have any cold sores, then you must avoid having oral sex with them. These are points through which diseases get through. Never take a chance with your health when it comes to having sex with your client. Some clients might even have a doctor’s note claiming what they have is not serious but to remain sure just avoid any sexual activity that creates contact. Prefer doing blowjobs for your clients instead of them having oral sex done on you. This reduces any chance of getting STDs.

sober escortOne major precaution that you must ensure is to have sex with a condom at all times. Most people don’t like it that way, but that is the safety way to have sex with a person working in the adult entertainment industry. There are escorts who go the extras and have sex with their clients without a condom on the request of their clients just to get more pleasures. Some clients who are regular might feel the need to have sex with you unprotected, but that should not be allowed. It does not matter how well you know them, always insist on protection. It is better to have a clean record when it comes to sex rather than having more money in your wallet.

It is always crucial to go for regular checkups even if you have protected sex. A regular checkup after a period of three months is highly recommended. However, you can even have checkups after a period of 1 month if you have sex more often. Taking all precautions as an escort when it comes to sex with your clients is very important to remaining safe.

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