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Naturist Massage Nevada

Naturist Massage Nevada

maxresdefaultA naturist massage session is a magical experience in which the both the client and practitioner remove the distraction of clothing. This allows the client to better absorb the life energy emanating from the massage therapist. Most practitioners of this method are guided by tantric massage techniques which blend spirituality, wellness and sexuality. This means that in addition to manual body manipulation to remove muscle tension, a holistic approach is taken that incorporates a more gentle touch in key energy sources of the body. Naturist massage Nevada provides benefits long after the physical effects of the massage have worn off.

Sessions can be conducted in a variety of locations such as the therapist office, spa, home or hotel room. The setting is important for this type of therapy. Since the massage is done in the nude, the temperature of the room will be warmer than normal. This keeps out the chill, but also helps warm the body to prepare for therapy. Room lighting will be dimmed and often a candle or other aroma generating device will scent the room to aid relaxation. Soft music or the sounds of nature also help set the mood.

dd8f34dbc69c6261bd7862c77a6ca8f4The massage starts with the client on their stomach giving the masseuse access to the back, shoulders and glutes. Warmed oil is applied and the massage therapist will begin to knead out tension with the fingers and hands. For deeper knots, the elbows may be used for added pressure. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this massage is a vigorous scalp and ear rub, which stimulates blood flow to the face and brain.

After using the deeper massage to relax the client, the therapist will generally move on to using a lighter, more sensual technique. This involves a light touch with the fingertips across the back, bottom and inner thighs. The lighter touch generally brings the receiver into a deeper sense of relaxation and enables clearing of negative energy.

Another technique often employed in naturist massage is the body to body method. This is where the massage therapist uses her breasts and upper body to lightly caress the skin. This facilitates energy transfer and adds a level of sensuality that clients find very appealing. Arousal is a common reaction to this technique and one shouldn’t resist or fight this; just relax and enjoy the body’s response to stimulation. But always remember that communication is vital. It is important that both client and practitioner are comfortable with all techniques. Providing both positive and negative feedback will lead to a more enjoyable session.

erotic-massage-520x245Next the front of the body is given due attention. The light touch method is generally re-used to bring the receiver back into a relaxed state after turning over. A key energy point of the body is just above the pubic bone so many therapists bring firmer pressure to this area. If a body on body method was used, the therapist will generally employ this on the head, chest, genital area and thighs. This further stimulates blood flow and release of pent up energy. This helps flush toxins from the extremities and has tremendous health benefits.

Interest in more holistic techniques has made locating a naturist massage therapist easy. The internet, directory or special interest newspapers will provide listings of experienced professionals. Session lengths vary on preference and availability, but typically last an hour or so. A naturist massage Nevada is a truly memorable experience. Most report that both relaxation and renewed energy result from a session.

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