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How much do escorts make?

How much do escorts make?

escorts-moneyHow much do escorts make? Well, the right question here should be how worth are escorts? How much does not answer the question as the amount varies greatly depending on what type of escort we are talking about, their place of work, how gorgeous they are looking and lastly the type of clients they get. However, without considering all these factors, one thing will stand out that escorts make way too much than what most people make working more than 8 hours a day. The escort business is very lucrative in the modern world where men and women can get any sexual pleasures they need as long as they have the money.

So is the average amount of money escorts make in a month

According to various studies done on escort, the average Las Vegas escort makes around 6-8k a month which is pretty good considering they don’t do anything really big with the clients. Where on earth would someone pay you 8k a month just to be in your company and satisfy most of your needs? Why don’t husbands pay their wives for cooking for them, cleaning their houses and sleeping with them but end up paying huge sums of money to escorts for spending a weekend with them? Well, what we all agree is that there is a lot of money in the escort business in various cities across America.

CNdGPBlUYAAr8yYCities like Las Vegas are known to be the hot spots for adult entertainment have reported escorts who have made a huge as 30k per month escorting guests. It all comes down to the type of escort you are and the type of client you get. The VIP escorts who are the most educated escorts make a lot of money even beating some of the top corporate leaders in the world. In fact, most of the money they make comes from top industry leader, politicians and wealthy people in society. These men pay a lot of money to get the company of well-educated girls who can converse with them on any subject. There are cases where some escorts make a high as 5k a weekend especially when they get a wealthy client looking to travel outside the country.

Nobody wants to go out on a small Island or a vacation somewhere cool without a good company if they have the money. Escorts who offer to travel outside country make much more than those who offer their services within their local area. There are escorts hired for business where they act as the personal assistants for these corporate leaders. When big company leader converges in a big city like Vegas, escorts there are bound the make lots of money offering their services. This is where VIP escorts are needed to offer their professional touch to the men and make them feel confident and of class in these meetings.

In conclusion, escorts whether regular or VIP make a lot of money. There are part time escorts who are students working their way through college. These students work as escorts part time and manage to pay their fees as well as any money they might need to support their personal needs.

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