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How economics influences sex and love

How economics influences sex and love

sex-love-lifeIn the society we live nowadays, sex and love have been greatly influenced by economics. For a regular person, one might wonder how love and sex can be influenced by the economics. However, when you get an expert view, sex and love are hugely intertwined in the economics of the world. In the famous book Dollar and Sex by Marina Adshade, Marina takes a keen look on how the forces of supply and demand in the market apply to matters of love, intimacy, marriage and courtship. However, when you take a closer look at our community, sex and love are greatly intertwined in the forces of the economy.

How economics influences sex and love

Take a keen look at our colleges today and you will tell me the kind of men having sexual relationships with some of the girls there. Colleges are great places for promiscuous men to look for love and sex. Men usually have a preference for having multiple partners something that creates demand in the matters of love and sex. The college students in these case girls require a nice man to treat her well and meet her financial needs. This is things fellow male students cannot do hence the college becomes the supply to fill in the demands of such promiscuous men. The price for such a market is usually the assurance that the girl will be treated well, and her needs met. When the number of promiscuous men is lower, the women lose the negotiating ability making men take control. The opposite is also true for women.

the-IN-of-IntimacyAnother great way to show how economics influences love and sex are when people are involved in binge drinking. Raising the cost of drinks one might think will reduce drinking, but that does not apply to students who are inelastic to prices. Most students are more likely to drink at home before heading to clubs. With increased costs of drinking, female students will be more obliged to have their male elder counterparts buy them alcohol than when the price is lower. Most female students will be more promiscuous with men buying them alcohol.

You will find some of the large cities in the world are more filled with singles than less populated cities. The cost of living with or seeking a potential mate in large cities is way too high leading to such cities having a high number of singles. However, this is not the case in rural areas where the cost of living allows people to settle down.

The constitutions and laws that have been put into place have made the teens in today’s world to be less promiscuous than those of the past. However, what influences the teens is the financial loss behind been promiscuous. Getting a girl pregnant can greatly impact your future life as part of your future earning will be deducted to cater for the needs of the child sired. Here we again see a direct relation where the economics have directly impacted love and sex. There are cases where relationships have ended when the man is not ready to have a child and start bearing the responsibilities. Economics will always influence sex and love in society.

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