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Can You Have Sex When Pregnant?

Can You Have Sex When Pregnant?

Having a baby is a blessing that a majority of families yearn for when forming a union with their loved ones. In some instances the more the merrier and they are a joy to behold when they are in one’s arms. The happiness that a baby brings to the world can be considered to be worth the struggle that is entailed with the entire process. It is no secret that being pregnant is not a walk in the park, considering the ensuing symptoms that follow the conception of life within a womb. The morning sickness, unusual cravings, various muscle aches and inconsistent bloating are just a few of the things that women go through when they are about to have a baby. However, this does not mean that one should cease all attempts to enjoy themselves and there are still a couple of activities that can take place during this stage in life.

One of the frequent questions that is asked by a majority of couples about to have a baby is whether it is still possible to have sex at this point. Sexual activities are a big part of any romance and stifling that sector of a relationship can increase the friction between couples. Thus the thought of going an average of nine months (more or less) without that kind of connection can be a source of anxiety and trepidation. Luckily, a woman does not have to starve herself of sexual contact when she is pregnant. Having sex is still quite possible at this stage, and all the couple involved has to do is consider a number of small factors in order to make it work.

Some of the things that a couple will need to take into consideration should they want to continue their sex life during a pregnancy include:


There are a number of symptoms that can accompany a pregnancy as earlier mentioned, which could make it difficult for a woman to engage in sexual contact. For example, no woman would be interested in a sexual engagement when they are suffering from morning sickness. As such, timing is an essential element for any couple hoping to maintain their sex life. These symptoms are not a constant feature of a woman’s life when she is pregnant, and there are times during the day when she will not be feeling the downside of carrying a baby. Getting together during these times is the best way to increase a couple’s chances of having sex.


Needless to say, a pregnancy involves an increase in the size of an individual’s body, especially in the stomach area as the foetus continues to grow. A woman is no longer able to lie in some positions that she was able to before, and this is an essential element that needs to be taken into consideration during a sexual encounter. The couple will need to explore positions that are comfortable for the woman, so as not to cause any strenuous activities.

Having sex while pregnant is quite possible if the individuals involved making an effort to accommodate the changes that take place during this stage.

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