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Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

So, you have been assigned the task of planning your best bud’s bachelor party and getting about ten to twelve of the other fellas to go along with it. The first thing that should be (at the top) on your to-do-list is to choose the right location. What location could be better than Las Vegas, Nevada?!

The second task on the list should be, planning the evening’s festivities, without overstretching the budget. It is quite complicated task but worth it!

A typical bachelor party in Las Vegas entails 4 major activities:

Riding in Style – the groom-to-be and the rest of the fellas can take a limousine ride. There are so many things we forget as humans, but it is impossible to forget a VIP limousine ride with your best pals! Groups as large as 25 to 35 people can seat comfortably in s upper-stretch limo. When you and your friends arrive at Las Vegas’ hottest night spots in a super-stretch hummer H2 limo, you are sure to create an impression…a good one.

Great tasting Dinner – Every groom-to-be is ENTITLED to a “last dinner with the boys” where he gets to eat, drink and swap stories before he gets saddled with the ole ball and chain.

Hit the Trendiest Night Club in Las Vegas – you and the rest of the fellas will not have to beg the bouncer for a couple of hours in order to let you in. You will also not have to worry about shelling out more money in order to get a private table with bottle service – the VIP package takes care of this. The group will just focus on having a swell time.


Stag Party! Yay! – No bachelor party is EVER complete without hitting the strip club! The hottest Las Vegas strip clubs boast of beautiful and well endowed beauties that are all searching for a nice, warm and generous lap to sit on. The thought of having a beautiful exotic dancer sit on your lap will put a big smile on your face.

As the best man, your only job in Vegas is to ensure that the groom-to-be makes it home sober – you do not want him blurting out the name of a “Miss Crystal Chandelier”, the exotic dancer who gave him a lap dance!

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