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3 ways to spend a weekend in Las Vegas

3 ways to spend a weekend in Las Vegas

It is impossible to see what Las Vegas has to offer in a single weekend. However, you can catch the highlights within 48 hours of your stay in Las Vegas. It all comes down to knowing the where the hottest gigs are being held. Las Vegas is an all year destination for gamblers, convection attendees and a home of hosting bachelor parties. Whether you are a local or showing some friend around, there is always something for everybody in Las Vegas. There are numerous entertainment spots to keep you entertained both during the day and night. Here are some of the best ways to spend a weekend in Las Vegas and enjoy what the city has to offer.

streetCheck out the Fremont Street

The experience of the Fremont Street is what makes Las Vegas be known as it is. All the must do list while in Las Vegas can be Found on the Fremont Street. While on the Fremont Street, you can stumble on some of the best places like the Heart Attack Grill or go through the Huskers. You can even move to Fremont East for the local vibe. There are several bars lining the street. Check into as many as possible as you get to enjoy what each has to offer. Check out the Container Park for the fire-breathing praying mantis. There is a lot you can do while on Fremont Street so just make sure you explore everything it has to offer.

Visit a strip club

strip-ladyWell, you can’t have enough of Las Vegas without ever visiting a strip club. Even if you are local when a friend comes over, the visit never ends without visiting a strip club. The experience of strip clubs in Las Vegas is quite different from something you can imagine in other cities. Be sure to see everything dirty and have the best of what Las Vegas has to offer. Las Vegas strippers are among the best and will offer you pleasurable moments while in Las Vegas. Some of the best shows you can’t afford to include the Bellagio fountains. There are several strips shows that Las Vegas can offer. You can try the Absinthe if you think you cannot be offended. The Zumanity is another great place to experience the best of Las Vegas regarding stripping. The Cirque shows and the Blue Man Group are other shows that will not disappoint.

Visit a museum

Las Vegas is well known for its sins, but there is a lot more you can do during the day as you wait for the dark to fall. During the dark is when most of the sins are done but you can have great moments seeing the museum during the day. The Neon Museum will offer you a lot to see during the day as you buy time to party during the night. Remember the best time to party in Las Vegas is in the evening towards the night so make sure you don’t pass out early before the partying starts. Take time during the day and visit the museum as you get to learn the history of Las Vegas.

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