How To Find The Right Massage Parlor

erotic-massageThe first step is to decide what kind of massage you want, therapeutic or non-therapeutic. Therapeutic massages are given by licensed therapists who are proficient at most massage techniques and do not offer any extra sexual services. Non-therapeutic massage parlors, on the other hand, are usually staffed by non-licensed therapists, but offer full massage service options at the end including happy endings, erotic massage, etc.

The easiest way to find the massage parlor of your choice is to look in the yellow pages. The first section, “Massage,” is reserved for the non-licensed massage parlors that most likely offer full service options. The “massage therapists” section, on the other hand, are licensed therapists who do not offer any extras.

In Las Vegas, all the spas and massage venues in the resorts and casinos are all legitimate massage therapists. If you’re looking to get extras, the best bet is to get off the strip. The easiest massage parlors to spot are the ones in Chinatown with Asian style names. These kind of establishments are open late, usually have young girls on staff, and can give you the service you’re looking for.

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